How to Proxy Requests to Saaslet

Saaslet needs to be able to share cookies with your domain (please find more on this here). To do this, you need to proxy requests to through an endpoint on your domain.

This might sound a bit scary, but it's actually super simple. The most common way to do it is to set up a subdomain, e.g. For that, you need to add a CNAME record to your DNS provider's Zone file. This works a bit differently, depending where you host your app. Here are tutorials for the most common hosting provider:

Cloud Hosting Provider

Hosting Companies

Alternatively, you can also set up a proxy-forward or proxy-pass rule on your webserver. This way you can forward requests to to

Here's how to do that with some of the most popular HTTP Servers:

Tell Saaslet about your URL

Once you've set your CNAME or forwarding rule up, all that's left is to share your proxied URL with saaslet.js:

const saaslet = new Saaslet( 'YOUR_APP_KEY', 'YOUR_PROXIED_URL');

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